Tir Righ Bardic Championship Rules and Regulations

Sionann1The Entries

There are three categories for entry:

  1. Full Championship Entry
  2. Single Entry (or more than one single entry)
  3. In-depth Feedback Entry


LETTER OF INTENT – 2 months prior to competition.

RESEARCH PAPERS – 1 month prior to competition

ALL DOCUMENTATION – 1 week prior to competition.

How to Enter:

  • Please send your email (or letter) of intent to the current A&S Minister and the Coronets of Tir Righ (and the Tanist/Ban Tanist of Tir Righ if applicable) and the current Champion at least 2 MONTHS prior to the start of the competition. You can also use the handy  Championship Entry form if you like although an email will suffice.

Requirements of the Competition:

  • Each entrant must have proof of membership in the SCA on the day of the competition.
  • An entrant must submit a letter of intent to the Coronets of Tir Righ (and Tanist/Ban Tanist of Tir Righ it appropriate) and the A&S Minister at least 2 MONTHS prior to the competition. This is to ensure suitable judges can be located prior to the event. The email (or letter) should include your name, home branch, any fealty ties (if you’re a squire, a protégé or an apprentice for instance), whether you are entering a full entry, single or multiple entries (entering more than one entry but not to be the overall champion), a detailed description of each entry and any special requirements you may have for any of the entries.
  • If you want to change or significantly alter an entry after you have sent in your 425738_10150636629274431_2014492558_nletter of intent, please let the Arts and Science Minister know at least two weeks prior to the start of the competition (so that judges can be informed or jostled as needed).
  • A Bardic entrant must submit a minimum of TWO entries but can enter up to THREE if so desired.
  • Only the top TWO scores will count towards the final total.
  • One of the pieces should also be a “Performance” piece, which could be given in front of an audience either at court or feast.
  • Each entry can be in the form of any of the following:
    • Song, Instrumental, Juggling, Acrobatics, Puppetry, Drama & Acting, Poetry, Dancing, Mummery, Storytelling,  or any other “Performance Art” you can think of.
    • Each entry must be consistent with a pre-1600 date and can be from any culture within Europe or from a culture that traded with a European society. This can include Asia, North Africa and others.
    • Your pieces cannot have been previously entered at Kingdom level.
      • A piece can have been entered at the Principality level previously but only if there has been significant notable changes (you should be able to discuss these changes with the judges).
    • Documentation is due 1 week before the event date, in order to give judges ample time to read and research or topic if needed. Research Papers are due 1 MONTH prior to competition.

Requirements for a Single, Multiple or Group Entry:

  • Any person may enter a SINGLE ENTRY without the goal of being the overall Bardic Champion. You may enter up to TWO pieces but the letter of intent is the same as for a full entry to ensure judges can be arranged (at least 2 months prior to the competition).
  • A group may enter a piece as well. This is an entirely period-appropriate thing to do. Please document how each person contributed to the overall piece.
    • A group entry may also be entered as part of a full entry, however only ONE person in the group may be entered in the competition.

In-depth Feedback without Officially Entering:

  • In this case, an artist may still bring their piece with documentation to the competition but their piece will not be scored. Instead, you will receive feedback from one appropriate judge (or more depending on availability). This is a much less-stressful but incredibly useful way for you to talk to someone with experience in your field and get feedback. Please discuss your intent for this category with the A&S Minister 2-4 weeks prior to the competition with your ideas so an appropriate judge or judges can be found.

Your Presentation:

  • Each Bardic entry will be afforded 30mins: You will have 15mins to present your piece and information about the piece, and then 15mins for any questions or feedback the judges may have.  Please remember the judges are not out to trick you, but to gain a better understand of the methods and materials you used and the decisions you made in the creation & presentation of the piece.
  • Documentation: Please bring at least 5 copies (one for each judge and 2 possible student judges).
    • It is also nice to have a copy for the Prince/Princess, Tanist/Ban-Tanist and Their Majesties of they are attending but it is not required.
    • You may not get these copies back (just FYI)
  • There will be three judges per entry. Their may also be “student judges”, however, their scores do not count. Only feedback will be given.

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