TRAS Job Description

Tir Righ Arts and Sciences Officer

Principality of Tir Righ

The Minister of Arts and Sciences:

The Minister of Arts and Sciences is the chief artistic and scientific officer of the Principality.  

Principality offices and job descriptions are structured after those of the Kingdom of An Tir, and duties are detailed in Corpora and Kingdom Law; what follows is particular to Tir Righ.

  1. To execute the lawful commands of the Coronet and to abide by Corpora, SCA Financial Policy, Kingdom Law, Kingdom Financial Policy, Principality Law and Principality Financial Policy.
  2. To receive reports from their branch subordinates and provide summary to their Kingdom Superior

Branch reporting Dates: (this is the deadline for Branches to report to Principality)

  • Principality Officers or their reporting deputies should receive reports from their branch subordinates by the 1st of the following months: February, May, August, and November.

Kingdom reporting dates: (this is the deadline for principality to report to Kingdom)

  • Principality Officers or their reporting deputies are to report to their Kingdom Superiors by the 15th of the following months: February, May, August, and November. (Principality Officers reports are submitted through an online form)
  1. To develop and maintain communications with their branch subordinates.
  2. To have access to the Northern Sentinel in their residence for the length of their office, in addition to the membership requirements set forth in Kingdom Law and Corpora.
  3. To advertise for replacements to their position at least five (5) months before their term ends. Decisions on final applicants will be made by the Principality Officer, the Principality Seneschal, and the Coronet.
  4. To have a contingency deputy acceptable to the Coronet to ensure an orderly transfer of the office should the Principality Officer be unable to continue. This deputy’s name and contact information will be on file with the Principality Seneschal and the Coronet. Name, phone number and email will be printed in the Northern Sentinel.

Term of Office

  1. Principality Officers serve at the pleasure of the Coronet as long as their duties are carried out in a manner satisfactory to the Coronet and their Kingdom superior.
  2. Principality Officers shall serve a two-year term and may apply for a one-year extension at the discretion of the Coronets.

Rights and Duties

  1. The Tir Righ A&S Officer must attend the four Coronet Events (The two Coronet Tournaments and two Investitures) and Principality Arts and Sciences Championship.
  2. The Tir Righ A&S Officer must have a report for Curia. The Coronet may grant permission to be absent in extraordinary circumstances, at which the primary deputy must attend.
    1. A curia report is your quarterly report given in person at the principality quarterly meeting. Generally, you would report on the state of your office ie: are branches reporting regularly and on time, is there any business you need to discuss etc.
  3. As the Tir Righ A&S Officer must attend  Coronet Events, no site fee shall be charged them at these events.

Job Specific Competencies:

(a) Encourage the research and development of historic accurate period art forms, technologies, and philosophies.

  • This could include organizing A&S Displays and/or activities at Coronet events, it is also acceptable to delegate this to the Current A&S and Bardic Champions.

(b) Organize the Tir Righ Arts and Sciences Tournament

  • This includes:
    • Encouraging entries
    • Accepting and organizing entries
    • Organizing adjudicators specific to entries
    • Scheduling entrants and adjudicators
    • Communicating with entrants and adjudicators
    • Communicating with the Coronets of Tir Righ
    • Communicating with event team as pertains to Championship scheduling/rooms needed etc.
    • Publicizing Championship information leading up to the Championship
    • Updating the Tir Righ A&S Website with the newly invested Champions.
    • Tabulating scores and/or overseeing deputies tabulate scores
      • Proficient in Excel
    • Make sure the Championship runs on schedule

(c)  Keeping the Tir Righ Website up to date (this is a WordPress website)

  • This includes:
    • Updates to the Laurels Page
    • Updating any changes to championship rules/format
    • Checking to see all links are functioning correctly
    • Making sure all email addresses are functioning correctly
    • Updating the photo gallery if photos are available.
    • Promptly answering emails


Additional information can be found here in the ARTS & SCIENCES OFFICERS HANDBOOK

(Some information is out of date however, it can still be a great resource for branch officers.)

If you would like to apply for the position of A&S Officer of Tir Righ, please send your application to:





As.minister.tirrigh (@)

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