Participating in Arts and Sciences Events

15386364342_f196e5ea3a_zMany of us who are engaged in the Arts and Sciences often find that it can be a solitary and isolated pursuit. For this reason, it is important that we participate in A&S events and activities that not only inspire  us but allow us to share our work, teach others and receive honest in depth feedback.  There is no shortage of event types and activities that allow us to do just that. From competitions and demos to memberships in guilds and participation in facebook groups: there is something for everyone interested in the arts and sciences.

Arts and Sciences Competitions

A&S competitions are an excellent avenue for those who like to set personal challenges and receive detailed feedback on their work. They exist at many levels and the primary reason for this is to allow participation from the beginner to the experienced in a positive and encouraging environment. Arts and Sciences competitions are an invaluable way to meet the greater A&S community of Tir Righ.

Shire and Baronial level competitions are best for those just beginning to explore arts and sciences. They can be a great introduction to the requirements of research, documentation and presentation.

Principality level competition exists to determine the Champions or Scholar and Skald of Tir Righ. This level has a greater requirement for research, documentation and presentation. Before participating in competition at this level it is strongly suggested that prospective entrants volunteer as student judges in a previous year. It is also an option to enter for the feedback alone: this step is a great opportunity to further develop a future entry and gain a little experience before jumping in the deep end.

All who participate in A&S competitions should do so with the understanding the even though it is a competition there are far more reasons to enter than just to win something. In entering you are showing support for your shire, barony and principality. You are acting as an advocate for the greater A&S community and you are becoming a source of inspiration within the principality. Ultimately if you enter in the spirit of sharing and with a mind tuned to the opportunity to learn and acquire greater resources…then…you just can’t lose!  

15199885619_e550893094_zDemos and Displays

So, maybe you want to share what you are working on but don’t at this time have the desire to enter an A&S competition. Participating in a demo or display can be an equally inspiring way to support the A&S community at all levels without the need for documentation.

Guilds and Groups

Participating in a guild or group is a very good way to share knowledge and learn. They mainly consist of a group of people with a focus on a specific area of study.

Guilds Links: Guilds of Tir Righ

Groups Links: Tir Righ on facebook

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