Event Bid

Event Bid Forms

Churches and Schools tend to be the best choices for this event as they have the rooms required for the event, but this event can be successfully held at any site with sufficient space.

Event activities:

  • A&S Championship
  • A&S Displays
  • Court
  • University of Tir Righ
  • Often a feast or revel

The following spaces are required for the event (This doesn’t mean that there has to be a separate room for each of these, as some of the rooms can do double duty):

  • A room big enough for all of the entrants to display their entries and for the judges to view them all
  • A large space for displays, merchants, guilds, populace and court
  • A room for the judges to deliberate
  • Rooms for UTR classes
  • Cooking facilities available for food entries (can be off site if it is close)
  • Private space for royalty
  • Room for meetings

If you are looking for more information on hosting the event, please talk to the Principality Events Deputy, the A&S Minister, and previous autocrats for this event.

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