Entering the Bardic Championship



It is highly recommended that you talk to a previous Skald of Tir Righ, or to the principality A&S Minister when contemplating your entry.

What is an Bardic Champion?

The Bardic Champion is meant to be an inspiration and role model for encouraging others to become more interested in the Bardic Arts and to be a beacon for anyone willing and desirous of historical knowledge. You are expected to continue to grow, develop and contribute to help make this Society the best it can be.

As Champion, you will represent the Principality through your leadership and by your example. The Champion has a public presence in promoting Bardic through competition, teaching classes, Bardic Fires, and various other performances during your year tenure.

The Champion will show a breadth of skills, and will be ready and able to judge, teach and guide with gentleness and compassion. Your role is to lead by example and help others. The Champion will play a role in helping putting together the next year’s contest to choose his or her successor. This includes promoting the contest, recruiting contestants and judging. The Champion is also entitled to wear the regalia of their position as a Champion of Tir Righ Bardic, to be near the Coronets of Tir Righ, an invitation to sit at the Head Table if available and to be present behind the Storm Thrones during court.

The Bardic Champion also has the important role of reading the Scroll of past Princes & Princesses at Tir Righ’s Investitures.

As Champion you are expected to attend the following events (at the very least): Both Coronet Tournaments, both Investitures and the A+S & Bardic Championships. If for any reason you are unable to attend an event which is required, please let Their Highnesses know ASAP.


tirrighbg1.gifTir Righ Law and the Championship

Tir Righ Law: Section 4 – Rights and Duties of Champions

Duties of the A&S Champion:

  1.    To swear an oath of fealty and service to the Coronet.
  2. To defend the honour and prestige of the Coronet and the Principality of Tir Righ, whenever such is challenged.
  3. To support the Coronet in war.
  4. To attend all Coronet Events (both Coronets, Investitures and A&S/Bardic Championship). Prior notification to Their Highnesses and Their Heirs must be made if the Champion is unable to attend
  5. To maintain membership in the Society during the Champion’s term of service.
  6.  To speak or act in the Coronet’s name when delegated to do so.
  7.  To further the interests of their area.

Rights of the A&S Champions

  1.    To stand armed near the Coronet at all events
  2. To be at the side of the Coronet in war and at court.
  3. To bear and display the regalia of their position.
  4. Where space permits, a place at Head Table with the Coronet.
  5. Champions shall not be charged site fees at Coronet and Principality Events.

Tir Righ Law: Section 2.3

Entry to the Champion Tournament is open to members of the populace who are residents of Tir Righ. Persons residing in areas beyond the Principality borders may petition the Coronets for an exemption to this. Such petitions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Tir Righ Law: Section 3

No one person may hold more than one Principality Championship at the same time.

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