A listing of the guilds incorporated in Tir Righ.  For kingdom or society wide guilds click here.

Tir Righ Company of Dance

The Company of Dance is a guild devoted to the gentle art of period dance.  It is active in Seagirt, Lions Gate, and Lionsdale.

Tir Righ Brewers Guild

The Brewers Guild was founded to research and recreate methods of creating period alcohol. It includes beer brewers, mead makers, cordial crafters, and vintners. One of the delightful things about a ‘creation’ guild like this is the ability to sample and share their results. They have a chronicler who puts together newletters for us that can be sent out to interested members, and a discussion group.

Tir Righ Brewer’s Guild Master: Caemgen mac Garbith ui Andrais

Tir Righ Companie of Defence

The Companie of Defence was founded to organize the study, practice and teaching of the arte of Cut and Thrust Combat in the Principality of Tir Righ through the study of Period European Masters of Defence.  To encourage and nurture the study of combat forms related to, but not governed under, the Cut and Thrust Combat system as Arts and Sciences, including: Quarterstaff, Halberd, Pike, and other weapons about which Period European Martial Arts Masters have written. To entertain and educate the populous through the Playing of the Prize.

Captain of the Tir Righ Companie of Defence: Callen Drakkar

Tir Righ Medieval Woodcraft Guild (petitioning)

The Medieval Woodcraft Guild is focused on the practice of wood joinery, historical architecture and building techniques, boder work (chair work), lutiers (musical instruments), wood turning, and wood carving.  It is currently petitioning to become a recognized Guild in Tir Righ.

Tir Righ Medieval Woodcraft Guild Minister: Christina Elizabeth Constable

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