Arts & Sciences and Bardic: Easy Entry

If you are entering Tir Righ’s Arts and Sciences and Bardic Championship you are on the right page.  Whether you have a single or full entry, please fill in your information using the form below.

Please include the following in the comment box; Your Declaration to the Prince, Princess, Tanist, Ban Tanist, Scholar, Skald and Minister of Arts and Sciences.


Greetings to Their Highnesses, Tanist and Ban Tanist, Honorable Scholar and Skald and Minister of A&S.

It is my intention to enter Tir Righ’s Arts & Sciences and Bardic  Championship with:

  • Type of entry ( A&S or Bardic)
  • The number of pieces you are entering (Example – single entry -1)
  • The name of your entries (Example – Early Period Tunic)
  • The subject of your entries (Example – The creation of a man’s tunic based on Swedish Grave finds)

Yours in Service

HL Madeup Lady )

Entry form:

Letter of intent to enter Tir Righ Arts and Sciences or Bardic Championship


Thank You for entering TRA&S&B, we are excited to see your work!

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