Welcome to the Tir Righ Arts & Sciences and Bardic website


What are the Arts and Sciences?

Arts & Sciences is the broad term used to represent the visual/performance arts, crafts, skills, and technologies from pre- 17th century Europe. Arts and Sciences engage members in the active research, practice and application of these skills for the purpose of sharing their knowledge with others. The Arts and Sciences exist in every activity within the SCA. They can be heard in the songs and stories around the bardic fire, tasted in the dishes served at a feast and admired in the armor worn in combat … in all these things and much, much, more.

This website is designed to be a resource for the A&S community of Tir Righ. It includes information on: groups such as guilds and facebook pages,  events such as championships, competitions and demos, guidance on things like research and documentation as well as listings of live resources in the form of laurels, past and current champions and your friendly principality A&S officer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this site (like links not working) please contact the web minister via the Officers page.

We hope that this site will help all of our Artisans, Craftspeople and Bards to surpass themselves and show the glory of our Principality.


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